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Etchcraft welcomes all KLEMS AWARDS customers
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Awards and Trophies
We offer a wide range of trophies and awards
Everything Glassware
Etchcraft offers awards, corporate gifts, championship prizes, crystal, glassware, clocks and everything in between
From stock layouts to custom designs just for you
From stock layouts to custom designs just for you
Everything Glassware
We have a great selection of products for you to choose from
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We pride ourselves on our creativity and quality workmanship
Cerebral Palsy Alliance
We are proud supporters of Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Awards, Trophies, Gifts and Glassware

Choose from a wide variety of products  -  traditional trophies and awards, to thoughtful gifts for special occasions. If you want to really stand out from the crowd, we also offer unique and customised in-house design services, to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for.

Reward & Recognition Programs For Your Business

Motivated employees deliver measurable returns in the forms of enthusiasm, productivity and retention. Our programs aim to do more than simply supply you the awards - whatever your reward and recognition needs - we can come up with a tailored solution to suit.

Proud Supporters

Etchcraft are proud supporters of Cerebral Palsy Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation that provides services to people with cerebral palsy and their families.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance