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Bespoke Services

Awards, Packaging and Plinths.

Beautifully designed

Bespoke Awards

We encourage our clients to think outside the box when they come to us with there concepts.

We recently were given the challenge by DHL of producing a life size steering wheel award for there Courier Of The Year.

This was new territory for us and after careful planning, we decided to 3D cut a steering wheel out of aluminium and mount it to a custom black crystal base so it was free standing.

We then coloured the wheel gold and decorated all logo’s and text.

A large transport case was also provided for easy transport.



  • All of our recyclable packaging is custom made in house to perfectly fit and protect your award.
  • Handle included for easy transport
  • We can laser the text and label onto the front of the packaging
  • Not only will you be choosing a unique option when choosing this option, you will also be doing your part in helping the environment by using 100% eco-friendly and recyclable materials

Timber Plinths

Wood plinths are made in our workshop from recycled wood.

These can be carved to fit your award perfectly.