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MDF Fibreboard Awards

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MDF Fibreboard Awards

Etchcraft’s MDF Fibreboard Award Range

Medium density fibreboard (MDF) is a synthetic wood sheet material made by gluing waste wood fibres together. It is commonly used in the furniture and construction industries because of its strength and stability. Unfortunately MDF is not easily recyclable.

At Etchcraft, we take waste MDF and make it into innovative self-standing awards.

fibreboard shapes

Choose your MDF Fibreboard award shape

We have a number of standard shapes for you to choose from:

Wood Fibreboard Rectangle


Small: 28 x 8 cm (sits 19cm tall)
Medium: 32 x 10 cm (sits 22cm tall)
Large: 37 x 12cm (sits 25cm tall)

Wood Fibreboard Square


Small: 28 x 16 cm (sits 19cm tall)
Medium: 32 x 20 cm (sits 22cm tall)
Large: 37 x 24 cm (sits 25cm tall)