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Sporting Events and Awards

Bespoke Sport trophies, cups and medals are available to suit your next occasion


Sport Awards

At Etchcraft, we have a wide selection of sporting trophies that celebrate competition and achievements.

Our trophies are available in different designs and materials for various sports and events. Whether it’s for team championships, individual achievements, or special sporting occasions, we create trophies that represent triumph and excellence.

With careful craftsmanship and attention to detail, our sporting trophies make athletes, coaches, and spectators proud.

From engraved plaques to custom-designed trophies, count on Etchcraft to recognize and honor sporting accomplishments.

custom DESIGN

Bespoke Sport Awards

Want a specific shape? Not a problem. We have a bespoke option, your award can be created in any shape you want.


CUSTOM awardS and medals

Etchcraft had the honor of designing bespoke awards for the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series winners.

The male and female competitions were represented by two unique awards shaped as the number 7, embellished with vibrant brand colors.

Custom gold, silver, and bronze medals complemented the awards.