Tubing 2 Part Labels

The key benefit of the 2-part system is that the wire ID can be changed without cutting off the wire.

The system consists of a clear plastic tubing with 2 recesses; one for the label and one for the wire. The label recess remains the same size. The wire recess changes according to the diameter of the wire to be marked . Diameter range: 1.2mm to 14mm. There are 3 different label lengths; 20mm, 30mm and 50mm with matching lengths of clear tubing. The flexible polypropylene label has a special ‘bottle’ shape allowing it to be pulled into the clear tubing, this style makes it quick and easy to ‘load/unload’ labels.

Typical uses include; sub-stations, control rooms or any application where the wire ID is likely to need frequent changes.

Please contact us for styles and sizes available.

Pricing is dependent on amount ordered.

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