Photograph Blocks

Photos can be digitally printed onto most of our crystal items that have large flat faces.

These would include but not limited to:

  • Crystal Block
  • Crystal Wedge
  • Tall Wedge
  • Round Wedge
  • Cube

These can be utilised with our plinth awards bases.

High quality images or vectors would be preferred, please get in contact to see what is possible.




Digital printing allows us to effectively show off great imagery, which can’t always be achieved through etching.

Our Digital Print options include:

  • Deal Blocks – Crystal Blocks with imagery and text used to commemorate deals and milestones within a business
  • Photography blocks – Crystal Blocks with imagery printed.
  • Awards – we can print onto the flat faces of awards to include imagery, patterns or multi coloured logo’s and text
  • Promotional Items – We can print onto keyrings, bottles, pens etc. The surface, material, height and depth of the item will determine if we are effectively able to print.
  • Braille or embossed patterns – By digitally printing over an area a number of times we can create an embossed and “Braille” like effect.

Get in contact to see what is possible!


If you have a bespoke idea in mind, please get in contact.

We are always up for the challenge and can show you what is possible.

Blank Crystal Block rectangle award by Etchcraft