Horn Mini Decanter by Riedel

In 2019 Riedel has reinvented some of their best-selling pieces in mini,
including Horn. Modelled after a musical horn’s coiled shape, the Horn
decanter is a homage to the Riedel family’s central European heritage in
Austria and Bohemia. The Horn decanter was inspired by the iconic
insignia that symbolises the Austrian Post’s mail delivery system. Like
many other coiled decanters by Riedel, the Horn decanter “double-decants”
wine, a technology developed by Riedel to accelerate the aeration of wine
by the creation of a vacuum within the vessel. These pieces are perfectly
sized for enjoying a single bottle in two sittings, and the Horn Mini is easy
to store at only 18.3 cm tall.

Volume: 670 mL

Height: 18.3 cm

Box quantity: 1

Type of Manufacturing: manual production

Material: Crystal

Brand: Riedel

Includes free etching – one position.





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