Cornetto Single Fatto A Mono Decanter by Riedel

The Cornetto Fatto a Mano decanter was introduced in 2017. In the Fatto a Mano Edition, four classic
Riedel decanters have been reiterated with optical blown glass and a black-white-black ornamental
line that enhances their dynamic designs. The art of optically blown glass originated in Venice, the
cradle of the most superior glassblowing techniques, with few glass blowers still proficient in this
method. The long, thin shape of the Cornetto makes it perfect for both decanting young wines and
removing sediment from older wines. The slim design of this decanter means there is a smaller surface
area exposed, so fragile older wines are not over exposed to oxygen. This decanter is designed for a
single bottle of wine.

Volume: 1.2 L

Height: 32.5 cm

Box quantity: 1

Type of Manufacturing: manual production

Material: Crystal

Brand: Riedel

Includes free etching – one position.

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