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Etchcraft specialises in designing and delivering customised employee reward and recognition programs for organisations.

Team Member Reward loyalty

Length of Service

Your company is unique, why should your incentive program be any different?

Team Member Acknowledge achievements

Employee Recognition

A well planned, recognition and reward system energizes, empowers, and rallies employees.

Team Member Corporate culture

Annual Awards

People want to invest in careers - not just a job. Create a corporate culture where loyalty is rewarded.

Team Member Online integration


Build a customised online reward portal for your staff, consistent with your company aesthetic.


Our Holistic Approach

We are a leader in designing programs to recognise the ongoing loyalty and performance of your employees. The goal of these programs: motivate your staff, retain employees, and express your corporate culture.

Contact Us to discuss how our reward and recognition programs provide benefits to both your employees and the organisation.

  •    We work with you to develop a PLAN of ACTION
  •    We DESIGN & PRODUCE your customised awards
  •    We SET UP our customised online component
  •    We work with you to DELIVER the awards
Our Programs

Case Studies:

Boral Length of Service Awards

Boral employs around 15,000 staff globally, with a tradition of longevity and loyalty amongst its staff. The organisation sought to implement official employee recognition programs in line with Boral’s own core values.

Tomago Long Service Program

Create a simple web catalogue that will allow your users to easily view and print out the rewards catalogue.

Bacardi Employee Recognition Award

Bacardi Lion desired branded glassware for their annual conference, recognising high-performing staff and the ongoing length of service for employees.

Boral Design Annual Awards

Boral hosts an annual competition in architectural building design, to recognise and celebrate exciting developments in the design of residential buildings. The Boral Design Awards were created with today’s building aesthetics in mind, echoing the sleek, sophisticated style of modern architectural design, as well as Boral’s colour palette.

Deloitte Chapter Annual Awards

Deloitte sought personalised awards of an impressive size and shape, with eye-catching depth.

TNT Annual Awards

TNT requested an award that recognised the highest-performing salesperson on a quarterly basis.

Compass Annual Awards

The Compass Awards celebrate exceptional Human Resource managers, teams, and their organisations.

Sydney Comedy Festival Awards

The Sydney Comedy Festival preferred striking, bright awards to reflect the colour of the event, for the best performers of the year. Each trophy needed to be unique, personalised, yet reproducible for multiple winners.

Selections Example Site

The Selections Example Site is a simple application of our Selections Program, set up to give you an idea of how the online component of our reward and recognition programs work. To give it a go, simply click the login button (the details are already filled in for you) and start using the test site.

Etchcraft Rewards Program

The Etchcraft Rewards program was created using our Selections framework to reward our loyal customers. Customers could log in, choose a reward they liked, have it engraved with a special message and sent out to them, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Rocky Bay Awards Program

 The Rocky Bay Selections Program combined Long Service Rewards with our online Selections framework. Rocky Bay staff could log in to the site and depending on their years of service - were offered different rewards. This more advanced program allowed staff the freedom to select the award they desired and the tiered system allowed Rocky Bay administration to further inspire staff loyalty.