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Employee Recognition

Appreciate Great Work

There is an old saying: “a happy employee is a productive employee”, this still holds truth in todays modern business model. Everyone knows what it is like to put in some hard yards to get the job done and the satisfaction we feel when that hard work is acknowledged, even better is when that effort gets rewarded. Implementing an employee recognition program that recognises the performance of your employees will inspire, motivate and engage your staff - delivering a clearly measurable result to your bottom line. Motivated, engaged staff leads to increased loyalty, less staff turnover as well as improved sales outcomes and customer service quality; all of which can lead to major improvements in your business.

We encourage you to browse our products to find something for your employees or contact us to discuss setting up a total employee recognition program for your business. At Etchcraft we pride ourselves on the holistic nature of our Employee Recognition Programs: We use our years of experience to deliver you a total solution for your employee recognition needs by working with your business to reward your most valuable assets - your staff:

Working with you

We sit down with you to understand your company, its goals, its employees, how it all works together and develop an employee recognition program to suit your needs and budget. We do more than just supply you the awards, we work with you to help ensure your recognition program excites and delivers returns.

Spoilt for choice

We have a variety of awards to choose from; from standard trophies and accolades, as well as custom designed awards branded with your company logo - to more modern rewards such as electronic devices or even cookware - so your employees can get the rewards they desire.

Online integration

Our online rewards program: Selections makes it easy for your employees to choose something they want at a time convenient to them, so whatever your employee recognition needs we can come up with a Solution for you.

How we ensure your Employee Recognition Program succeeds:

Step 1: Program Promotion

Announce the rewards and the criteria for achieving them before you start monitoring staff performance, to maximise the overall impact of the program. Promote the program to build enthusiasm and participation.

Step 2: Instant Recognition

Keep staff updated as to their performance by using technology to monitor them. Sales figures, customer service outcomes, time taken to resolve issues, are all measures of an employee’s performance. Using technology to instantly recognise staff will motivate and inspire your team.

Step 3: Achievable Rewards

For the reward program to motivate staff, it should be attainable to all. Employees throughout the organisation must have a fair chance of winning, and the goals must be realistic.

Step 4: Celebrate Success

When an employee is rewarded, celebrate it visibly. Put together a small ceremony, announce it at a staff meeting, and promote it heavily. This will build enthusiasm among the rest of the team.

Step 5: Transparent Reward Programs

Don’t allow even a small amount of favouritism to creep into the reward program, otherwise morale and motivating will quickly be destroyed. If your team senses you playing favourites, they will quickly lose interest. To avoid this, make the winning criteria clear and quantifiable.

Employee Recognition

Case Studies:

Case study: Bacardi Lion Recognition Program

Bacardi Lion Recognition Program

Member / Client Recognition Program

Bacardi Lion required branded glassware for their annual conference recognising high-performing staff and the ongoing length of service of employees.

As a producer of fine rum, the organisation required branded crystal decanters, cocktail bostons, and tumblers.

Villeroy & Boch crystal drink ware was custom branded for the event, with a revolving array of gifts each year, from glasses, tumblers, cocktail jugs, and bostons.